Upgrading the traditional restaurant service
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Improving speed of service and reducing wait times

Tiny Tapp’s pre-pandemic service model mirrored that of many dine-in restaurants and bars. However, to optimize daily seat turnover rates and combat staffing shortage post-pandemic, Tiny Tapp needed to shake the pain points of a traditional restaurant service model:

- Understaffing / overstaffing leading to wasteful resource allocation
- Long wait time to wave down a server to order-taking or closing a tab
- Manual and cumbersome process for collecting payments and tips

Before reopening in 2021, Tiny Tapp identified FanFood as the ideal contactless, self-service ordering platform that will fasten the service speed, increase the revenue, reduce the staffing need and improve the overall guest experience.

Boosting order volume and frequency

Through the first six weeks of offering FanFood, Tiny Tapp’s average number of weekly orders grew by +81% week over week. Upon expanding the service to all 25 tables by week two, the weekly order volume jumped immediately by +350%.

From four servers to one order runner

Before FanFood, Tiny Tapp needed at least four servers to tend to 25 tables. With FanFood, Tiny Tapp only needs one server to “run” orders for those tables, since the staff no longer needs to take orders or collect card payments anymore. Guests can order, tip and pay at their own pace in this self-service mobile ordering model powered by FanFood.

Maximizing revenue with higher basket sizes

As Tiny Tapp entered the summer, the cafe gradually expanded their FanFood menu beyond just drinks. By adding a full food menu, Tiny Tapp’s average order value through FanFood increased by over +34%.

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