In-venue digital operations simplified

Use our web-based platform to fulfill digital orders, make in-seat deliveries, capture valuable customer analytics and automatically get paid after each event

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Flexible to Your Operation

Choose how you want to operate at your venue

Point-of-Sale Agnostic

Run mobile ordering through our web-based system or integrate with your existing Point-of-Sale

Dedicated Support

We work with you to configure your ideal operation and support your during each event

A Concession Display System purposely built for events

Fulfilling orders is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Manage your live orders, catering and in-progress orders on one system
  • Automated customer status alerts via SMS and push notification and automatically prints a receipt with each digital order placed
  • Issue full or partial customer refunds
  • Assign workers to specific stores, edit menus, products, inventory, pricing and more in real-time

Offer express pickup, in-seat delivery, or order ahead

The Manager Portal allows you to design your ideal in-venue contactless experience.

  • Allow your guests to order from any number of storefronts for F&B and merchandise
  • Easily connect individual products to create combos
  • Highlight customized menus by controlling design elements for category, product, price and imagery

Get real-time data insights & post-event financial reports

The command-and-control portal to help you better understand your key operational metrics, manage inventory and customers.

  • Real-time dashboard during your events to give you a snapshot of total digital sales, orders by service, average order size, average fulfillment times and much more!
  • Reconcile post-event reports by store, event, and more
  • Set-up your venue as the merchant of record through Stripe connect and automatically get commission-free sales disbursed directly to your bank account after each event
  • Talk with our team to learn how we can push sales and inventory data to your existing point-of-sale (required fee for capability)

Use our Runner App to help manage & fulfill in-seat delivery orders

View & assign delivery orders by location, locate and communicate with customers on-premise and track tips

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Modern hardware solutions to simplify your operation

Fulfillment Kit

  • 10.5" Android Tablet
  • Armor Max Case
  • X-Mount System
  • LTE Data Plan

Receipt Printer

Reliable, fast receipt printer that connects via ethernet cable to the internet and prints through the Epson Cloud.*

*Receipt printer does not connect as a peripheral to your laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Simple and powerful ordering

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