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  • Isabella Jiao
    Isabella JiaoWritter Dec 23, 2019 3 min read
    Isabella Jiao
    Isabella JiaoWritter
    Dec 23, 2019 3 min

    2020 Countdown: Moments We Didn't Miss in 2019

    It always seems to be a blur when you stand on the brink of New Year looking back. 365 days have just swooshed by like a high-speed bullet train, leaving you little reaction time to collect all the moments you want to savor again before sealing them in the past.


    As our team at FanFood looks back at 2019 (a very eventful year indeed in our journey to bring mobile ordering into every venue in the U.S.), we have much to share with you. At the center of mobile ordering is our core belief that nothing should prevent you from living in the moment and experiencing life to the fullest. Not long concession lines, not slow cash transactions, nothing.


    To fully embody our hashtag #DontMissAMoment, we would like to share with you some key moments in 2019 that we didn't miss. And if you want us to feature a key moment in your life in 2019, please tag us @fanfoodapp on Facebook and Instagram, or @fanfoodondemand on Twitter, and we would love to feature your story on our company page!


    We've worked with over 70 venues nationwide so far!


    Yes, our venue count 10X-ed over the past year β€” imagine that!😱

    We've worked with over 70 venues nationwide so far!    

    And here are the first venue partners we've worked with in each vertical that we're covering right now. More verticals and venue types to come in 2020!



    Thanks to all the orders our users placed on the FanFood platform, we're able to give away 10,614 meals to Feeding America!


    (For every order you place on FanFood, we donate a meal to a family in need in America.)

    2020 Countdown: Moments We Didn't Miss in 2019  


    And speaking of our app users (aka "Fans"), we'd love to take a moment and appreciate all of you β€” you make our world go round. ❀️


    Also, how can we not recognize our precious venue partners??️ Especially Owasso High School, Durham Bulls and Vandergrift High School β€” congrats on the championship / award! πŸ‘

    FanFood Partners  


    We especially want to dedicate the following video to Jeff Harrington, former Booster Club President and Owasso High School.


    Jeff has trusted us from the beginning and has given us unwavering support for the past year β€” and he retired in 2019. Thank you for all you've done for everyone around you, Jeff!

    While we are on the topics of partners, we'd love to give a shoutout to our strategic partners as well. It's fortunate to find like-minded friends who support your endeavors and cheer you on.


    Thank You

    We'd also love to highlight important progresses happening within the FanFood team as well.

    Over the past year, we grew our team three-fold, especially with the most recent new hires on our sales team. By the way – they are all rock stars.

    20 New Teammates


    And of course, we're very proud about our new product releases this year: the new FanFood app 2.0, the new Stand Manager system and our browser-based app (order.fanfoodapp.com).

    2020 Countdown: Moments We Didn't Miss in 2019

    Web App Launch


    Also, we get this question a lot: "What's the best-sellers on FanFood?" Well, here you go:

    Top Sellers

    In 2019, we reached an overall app downloads of 100,000+ and total order number of 50,000+. We gained a better understanding of the people we serve and the value we bring. It's never been an easy way forward, but it's certainly the most rewarding. If you who are reading this have walked alongside us so far, even just briefly β€” we can't thank you enough.


    And if we haven't shared our paths yet β€” see you in 2020.