As a pioneer in concession mobile ordering, UNC Chapel Hill partnered with FanFood as early as November 2018 to reduce the wait time and speed up concession services.

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About UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill used FanFood for both football and basketball at Keenan Memorial Stadium and Dean E. Smith Center respectively. Keenan Memorial Stadium is the home field of the North Carolina Tar Heels and holds 50,500 people. Dean E. Smith Center is a multi-purpose arena used primarily as the home for the Tar Heels men’s basketball team.

The Challenge: Improving Speed of Service and Cutting Down Wait Times

Just like most sports venues, at UNC’s games, concession peak hours are typically during halftime or right before the game.

For those willing to stand in lines, the long wait time inevitably leads to a bad fan experience. For those wanting to wait for the lines to clear up, they inevitably risk missing the game.

In addition, long lines also deter fans walking past from placing orders. This results in concession stands missing out on potential revenue.

That’s why UNC Chapel Hill worked with FanFood to implement mobile ordering that allows fans to order ahead or order from their seats on the phone, and receive their food via express pickup or in-seat delivery.

Adrian Beros GM of Concessions UNC Chapel Hill
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“We have a lot of repeat customers. When fans see how easy it is to order food, they’ll repeat the process and order again.

Adrian Beros, GM of Concessions
@UNC – Chapel Hill

UNC chapel hill FanFood explore concession stand screen

Fans can scan a QR code to instantly access the concession menu.

UNC chapel hill FanFood add seat location screen

For in-seat delivery orders, fans can enter their location.

UNC chapel hill FanFood secure checkout screen

Upon payment, guests can track their order in real time via push notifications with automated order ETAs.

SLS Brickell on FanFood payment

Upon payment, guests can track their order in real time via push notifications with automated order ETAs.

Faster Service, Shorter Lines

“With FanFood, the average time is under 2 min. Fans will get their order before they’d even have a chance to walk down to concession stands. Especially for people at the top of the stands at UNC basketball games, they can now just sit in their seats and wait for the food to arrive,” said Mary Laci Motley, founder and CEO of EATS2SEATS, a student organized staffing agency at UNC to deliver in-seat orders for FanFood.

“Runners are really enjoying it, and many of them are coming back,” Motley said. “Most runners are able to watch the game, and they get to keep the tips.” If a runner takes 20 orders, he/she could make $20-$40 in tips. And if they get as many as 60 orders, they can definitely take home a good amount of income.

The specific tasks are assigned based on one’s skills and personality. “Some prefer to work the [concession] stands, others like to be runners,” Motley said. “It depends on the personality type — runners tend to be the outgoing ones.” EATS2SEATS is also responsible for training its recruited staff how to use the runner app and concessionnaires’ venue dashboard. Typically, the staff will arrive at least half an hour before the gates open. They will then download the app and familiarize themselves with the interface. Since more often than not half of the runners are returning runners (further proof how much they love the gig!), Motley would pair up the new runners with the returning ones to do a couple of mock runs.

increase profitability icon


Higher order values and spend per fan.

schedule order icon


Standing in line is virtually eliminated.

delivery staff icon


Fans order up to 5 times per game on FanFood

customer satisfaction


Higher satisfaction and more time to enjoy the game.

Cost-Effective Way to Upgrade the Fan Experience

“Given that many NCA accounts historically have somewhat outdated facilities, FanFood is a very cost-effective for us to add this amenity for the fans,” said Adrian Beros, GM of Concessions at UNC – Chapel Hill.

Given the flexible pricing model that FanFood has, venues of all types and sizes can afford to offer mobile ordering, without having to pay a commission on the sales. However, the economical solution does not discount the fan experience at all — in fact, FanFood is one of the most powerful, reliable and user-friendly mobile ordering platform out there.

And fans are loving it. They express that not just with their words, but with their action.

“I highly doubt anyone will go to the concession stand three times during a game. But one buddy ordered three times at one game on the FanFood app — because it’s just so easy,” said Motley

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“Everybody who has a concession stand, even if you are vaguely interested, you need to get hold of FanFood.”

Jeff Harrington, Boster Club President, Owasso Highschool

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“I can't imagine any venue where there are people gathering, not to have FanFood.”

Jon Pickel, Owner + Operator of Tower Drive-In Theater

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“The fans thought this is the greatest thing in the world — that they don't have to get out of their seats and wait in the concession lines.”

Dave Levey, Director of Food & Beverage, Durham Bulls Athletic Park

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“If you don't want big lines or people congregating, mobile ordering is like gold.”

Eddie Mahoney, Manager of Rizzo’s B&I

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“Concession stands are our biggest fundraiser of the year...and FanFood has made it very easy for fans to spend money throughout the game.”

Booster Club Co-Chairs, Vandergrift High School

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“We have a lot of repeat customers...when a fan sees how easy it is to order food on the FanFood app, they will come back and repeat the process.”

Mary Laci Motley, FanFood Runner/Student Entrepreneur UNC Chapel Hill

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