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What our partners say

“In our surveys we put out, fans were mentioning ‘hey, we’re glad to see this,’ and ‘please don’t get rid of this, we really like it.’”

- Doug C, Sr. Director of Finance & Administration at Kane County Cougars

“Our new pizza outlet did about $100,000 in revenue last season. That wouldn't have been possible without in-app ordering.”

- Mark F, CFO at Pacific Group Resorts, Inc

“FanFood’s online pre-ordering portal has made our teams’ lives so much easier already. The platform has been a lifesaver for us.”

- Morgan M, Hospitality Manager at Tennessee Smokies

“FanFood has increased our concession revenue by 20% per game, which for a high school is pretty amazing.”

- Jeff H, Booster Club President at Owasso High School

“Before FanFood, we'd have to build banquet event orders and follow up for invoicing. FanFood's catering platform takes all of that off my plate."

- Taylor M, Suites & Catering Manager at Rocket City Trash Pandas