Premium suite Features

A frictionless meal booking and in-suite ordering platform designed for premium suite guests.

fanfood premium suite meal booking

Pre-order before an event

After booking a suite, the suite holder can pre-order meal packages, merchandise and other services in an easy, frictionless online self-checkout flow.

Excuse me, I need more napkins please

With a push of a button, guests can call servers to request all types of support on gameday from their suites — from asking for more napkins to indicating a wrong order, we have you covered.

suite specific QR code for in suite ordering

Scan to order in suite

Guests can scan a QR code tied to their suite to instantly order more food on their phone or tablet, and charge it to an open tab.

Hardware options

For in-suite ordering, you can use a self-service kiosk or tablet. Please contact our team for leasing options.

For Your Foodservice Operation

Why FanFood?

Boost Suite

By making it frictionless to order, guests spend more both before and during the event day.

VIP Guest

Make ordering as easy as possible so every customer need is taken care of right away.

Reduce staff

Reduce tedious phone calls and servers needed, when guests can order or send in requests in a self-service flow.

Valuable data

Offer personalized marketing and service offering when you have centralized consumption data of your most valuable guests.

Offer Mobile Ordering for Your VIP Guests

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“Everybody who has a concession stand, even if you are vaguely interested, you need to get hold of FanFood.”

Jeff Harrington, Boster Club President, Owasso Highschool

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“I can't imagine any venue where there are people gathering, not to have FanFood.”

Jon Pickel, Owner + Operator of Tower Drive-In Theater

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“The fans thought this is the greatest thing in the world — that they don't have to get out of their seats and wait in the concession lines.”

Dave Levey, Director of Food & Beverage, Durham Bulls Athletic Park

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“If you don't want big lines or people congregating, mobile ordering is like gold.”

Eddie Mahoney, Manager of Rizzo’s B&I

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“Concession stands are our biggest fundraiser of the year...and FanFood has made it very easy for fans to spend money throughout the game.”

Booster Club Co-Chairs, Vandergrift High School

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“We have a lot of repeat customers...when a fan sees how easy it is to order food on the FanFood app, they will come back and repeat the process.”

Mary Laci Motley, FanFood Runner/Student Entrepreneur UNC Chapel Hill

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