Ep.0: Welcome To The Gameday Playbook

Ep.0: Welcome To The Gameday Playbook

In each episode of The GameDay Playbook presented by FanFood, Rob Cressy discusses how leaders are transforming the sports and live entertainment industry by leveraging technology to enhance the fan experience and operate gameday more efficiently.

In this intro episode, Rob Cressy and FanFood Founder Carson Goodale give an overview of what you can expect from the podcast, the origin of our relationship, and how you can interact with the show. Your engagement is super important to us so we would love to hear from you.

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Rob Cressy: Welcome to Episode 0 of the Gameday Playbook by FanFood. I’m your host Rob Cressy and joining me on this podcast is Carson Goodale, CEO and co-founder of FanFood. Carson, glad to have you on.

Carson Goodale: Thanks Rob. Man, this is, this is fantastic. I’m excited. I’m excited to have you host the Gameday Playbook.

Rob Cressy: What we want to do is give you an overview of what the Gameday Playbook is, what you can expect from the podcast plus how you can get involved. First Carson, let’s start with what is FanFood.

Carson Goodale: Yeah. Fan Food is an online and mobile ordering platform that connects fans with their favorite concessions during a game or a live event. As for me, I’m the founder of a company called Bacon Sports. We create content and marketing for brands, specialize in fan engagement and help tell their stories across multiple platforms.

Rob Cressy: Carson and I originally met a year ago, we vibed and I dug what he was building at Fan food and here we are.

Carson Goodale: It’s awesome.

Rob Cressy: I’m super excited to be part of this show. So Carson, why is fan food doing this podcast?

Carson Goodale: Yeah. You know what Robert, it’s funny like when we talked for the first time a few years ago, I think it’s something we both kind of acknowledged that there’s a lot of talk in the industry about fan experience, right? But not a lot of action and technology today. It’s rapidly changing the way we experience live events. So we really want this podcast to be where we can highlight ways to provide a better game day experience, and share those best practices.

Rob Cressy: Let’s get to what you can expect from this podcast. Each week I’ll be your host and dive into the perspectives of the sports industry’s most forward thinking minds. The Gameday Playbook is a podcast that shares best practices, insights and trends from industry veterans that are staying ahead of the curve by leveraging technology to run more efficient stadium operations and improve the overall fan experience. It is super important to us that YOU feel part of this show as this is a resource for you. The best ways you can interact with us is to hit up FanFood on social media with your thoughts on each episode. Carson, where can they engage with fan food?

Carson Goodale: Yes. So our Twitter handle is @fanfoodondemand. We’d love to hear everyone’s questions, comments, feedback. You can also find us on Instagram or LinkedIn. Oh, and there’s one other thing. We also are introducing a blog where we dig deeper and provide more actionable takeaways that go just beyond the gameday experience. So really excited to get that rolling your feedback is super important.

Rob Cressy: We want to hear from you, so make sure to live in action and hit us up. Carson, this is going to be a fun ride. I am really looking forward to it. Thank you.

Carson Goodale: Yeah, I’m excited to have you host. You can do great.

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