FanFood Success Story: Valley High School

FanFood Success Story: Valley High School

Updated: Feb 5

“High schools are reaching out to us to ask about FanFood.”

The idea of skipping the wait for concessions sounds so wonderful that when Valley High School came across FanFood, its booster club thought it was almost a no-brainer to offer it to their fans.

“We first heard about FanFood because of the in-seat delivery [function] and thought that was so cool. Then we showed it to the booster club president and he loved it,” said Mike Thomas, Concessions Coordinator at Valley High School.

But no matter how “cool” concession mobile ordering sounds, the actual implementation often deters booster clubs. Questions would be racing through their heads: Is it easy to adopt a new system? Will my volunteers be able to learn how to operate FanFood? Most importantly, will my fans actually use the app?

Valley High School was no exception.

“Every time you change how things work, there’s always apprehension in the beginning,” said Mike. “But it all went very well.”

The smooth launch was partly due to how easy FanFood’s technology is. However, what impressed Mike the most was the amount of support the FanFood team put in to guarantee their success with mobile ordering.

“The FanFood representatives made it really simple to get started. They trained us how to use the [Stand Manager] tablet and how to expedite the order fulfillment process — and that was crucial support especially at the first few games,” Mike told us. “Our volunteers all understood what was going on. It was easy to use and overall a really smooth deal.”

Just like any high school concession stand, volunteers often come and go and it’s very likely that different people show up each night to run concessions. Initially Valley High School booster club had concerns about whether frequent volunteer rotation would affect the operations of FanFood, but thanks to the simplicity of the platform and the hands-on support of the FanFood team, everything went smoothly.

In addition, to make sure that game attendees know about the app and understand how to use it, FanFood always provides each venue with ample marketing and advertising support including banners, business cards, bags, social media posts, email templates...all within the one-time setup package. After the setup, venues are also provided with customized marketing consulting to make sure they are using the marketing materials correctly for best results. For Valley High School, banners and FanFood t-shirts worn by volunteers have been the most effective, and according to Mike, it was “easy for the customers to know what was going on.”

Mike also noticed that most of the FanFood orders have been placed by the parents, since they really didn’t like to wait in lines. Parents especially love the fact that with FanFood, they don’t have to purchase food only during halftime. Instead, they could place orders anytime during the game and know that their food would be ready for them before halftime. Also, the food pictures on the in-app menus help the customers see easily what they’d be getting.

“Everybody loves [FanFood mobile ordering]. The ones that are using FanFood are using it repeatedly,” Mike said. “Hopefully next year we can get the students to use the app more as well.”

Ever since Valley High School became the first in the area to adopt mobile ordering, many high schools have been reaching out to them to ask about FanFood. Mike said he’s pretty sure that many other schools are going to be on board this year, as more and more interest is being generated among high schools.

“Fans that use FanFood loved it,” Mike said. “We’re really looking forward to using it next year!”

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