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Opening and Closing a FanFood Store

What is a FanFood Store?

FanFood Stores refer to your concession stands. The name of your FanFood Store in the Stand Manager should be the name of your concession stand.

Some naming conventions are by locations (e.g. North Side Concession Stand), by the type of service provided (e.g. Main Concession Stand Pickup, Main Concession Stand Delivery), or whether the stand is on the home side or visiting side (e.g. Home Concession Stand, Visiting Concession Stand etc.)


You should toggle on the FanFood Store before a game/event so that it’s open for business, and toggle it off after the game/event is over to stop receiving orders.

Turning On a FanFood Store

Turning On a FanFood Store

In the example above, the “Home Concession Stand” is set to open as indicated by the  Toggle Switch on the toggle switch. This means your fans can start placing orders through the app for items sold at this FanFood Store.

“North End Zone Concessions” and “Visitor Concession Stand” are set to closed as indicated by  Toggle Switch . Fans can browse the menu of this stand, but will be unable to place orders for this specific FanFood Store.


The change in a store's active status is only reflected when a user closes then reopens the app on their phones.

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