Adding / Modifying Menu Items

We get it, menu lineups can change unexpectedly throughout a season. The good news is you can always add/modify menu items and change how they look on the menu. This can be done easily through FanFood’s Stand Manager.

The Concessions Tab

The Concessions Tab                                 displays all the stores (aka the concession stands) in your venue. You can see each stand's status (active or inactive), and buttons to add, edit, and delete products and categories from individual stores.


Each store has a                     button. This allows you to see the list of products currently in the store.

Adding a New Menu Item


In the Menu page, you can create new items by clicking +Add Product    located on the top right of the page.



Before adding a new product to a store, you will need to make sure you have created “categories” (i.e. Main Course, Drinks, Snacks etc.) within the store first.

  1. Click Choose Image.

  2. In the Global Product List view, use the search function to locate an item image (e.g. “hot dog”, “onion rings”, “20 oz. Coca-Cola”, “Peanut M&M’s” etc.)

  3. Select the image.

  4. Click                                  to apply that selected image to the menu item you want to create.

Now you can edit other information associated with this menu item.


Name*                           Name of the item

Description                   Additional information about the product, such as ingredients, special promotions, or                                        anything you want your customers to know about this item. 

Category*                     Assign the item to a defined category, such as Drinks, Snacks, Main Course etc.

Availability Type*           You can choose between PICKUP, DELIVERY, or ALL.

Stock*                           Define how many units of the item you have in stock.

Price*                           The price of the item (e.g. “2” = $2.00)

Priority                           An item with priority set to “1” shows up at the top of the in-app menu, followed by                                            “2”, then “3”,  and so on.

Alcohol                        Toggling this on will inform a user that they will need to present a government-issued                                        photo ID upon pickup or delivery of alcoholic beverage(s).

* = Required field


Rearranging Items in a Category

The values in the Priority column illustrate how far towards the top of a page in-app an item will appear. The item with priority “1” will show up at the top of the phone screen, followed by “2”, “3” and so on

  1. Click                    on the item of which you want to change priority.

  2. For the Priority field, you can type in a new priority value or use the arrows to adjust this sequentially.

  3. Click                     to save your changes.

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