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For Venues


All you need to know to become a FanFood MVP.


How to Operate the Stand Manager

All concessions staff must complete this 2-min interactive video tutorial before operating the Stand Manager tablet.

PART 1: How to add users (0:06)
PART 2: How to fulfill orders (0:44)
PART 3: Complete an order (1:40)


How to "turn on" your concession stands on FanFood so your app users can place orders.

Add new items to your menu, or modify information about existing items, such as price and description.

How to create a new store on FanFood where you can sell concessions or have users pick up their orders there.

Reporting Dashboard / Order History

Reporting Dashboard / Order History

The FanFood Stand Manager collects, stores and analyzes all your sales data and customer information. And you have access to all these insights at a glance.

Need more help? Email support@fanfoodapp.com