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Do I need WiFi access at my venue?

No WiFi is required! FanFood provides tablets with data plan that allows our platform to work off of cellular service. We do the work on our end to make sure you have the best cellular service provider for your venue.

Although, having WiFi at your venue means your fans can explore you menus and order at a faster speed from their phones!

How do I set up my menus on FanFood?

It's super easy. You provide us with the menu, and we will handle all venue and menu setup in the onboarding process. Though, if you want to add a menu item, we will show you how easy it is to do so on the Stand Manager!

Can I add or remove menu items and categories as I please?

Yes! The Stand Manager gives you total control over how your menu appears in the FanFood app.

You can even update your menu in real time! For example, you can remove an item that's sold out mid-game so that it no longer appears on the app. You can even customize your menu by adding spiritwear!

Can I change the pricing of the items?

Absolutely! We will help you set up your menus and all the prices during the onboarding process. However, you have the freedom to adjust the pricing at any time on the Stand Manager.

You can even change the prices during a game! For example, if you want to offer special promotions of a certain item at a game, you can instantly change the price of that particular item and notify your fans of the price drop via an in-app push notification.

Do fans need to download the app to place an order?

Yes, as of now, fans need to download the FanFood app and order directly on the app.

Is my FanFood kit limited to a single sport or concession stand?

No. Throughout the year of your licensing agreement, you will be able to set up a pickup location anywhere within the venue.

Can I set up multiple pickup windows for simultaneous athletic events at the same venue?

Yes. You can easily add FanFood stores (which also serve as pickup locations) through the Stand Manager, and indicate the different pickup points to the app users.

Can I set up specific menus for my different stands?

Yes! Each stand can have its own customizable menu listing.

Can FanFood be used for more than concessions on gameday?

Yes. We can work with you to provide schoolday or non-athletics related solutions for your FanFood annual license.

We also provide add-on services such as receipt printer, sponsorship package and marketing assets to increase your gameday revenue. Check out our pricing page or contact us for more information.

Can fans pay for mobile orders with cash at the counter?

No. Fans can only pay via credit card when they order on FanFood. We are doing our very best to bring fast, easy and secure cashless experience to your venue!

How do I receive the revenue I made on the FanFood platform?

There are two ways:

  1. ACH direct deposit
  2. remittance in the form of a check

You will be able to indicate your preference during the onboarding process.