For Fans


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How do I create a FanFood account?
  1. Download the FanFood app on Google Play or the App Store
  2. Open the app and click “Get Started”
  3. Type in your phone number
  4. We’ll text you a verification code - once you get it, you’ll be prompted to enter it
  5. Start browsing your favorite concessions!
What do I do if my phone or email is already in use
  1. Go to the homepage of the app and click “Get Started”
  2. Click on “Have an account and a new number?”
  3. Type in your email
  4. You’ll get a “reset password” email
Where do I find and download the FanFood app?

You can find the FanFood app on the App Store or Google Play.

Too lazy to look? We got you: here’s the download link

Do I need to sign up to order from the FanFood app?

Yes, you need to sign up to order through the FanFood app. Signing up is simple though: it takes no more than a few seconds!

How do I know if my order is ready?

You will be notified via a push notification once your order is ready for pickup. You can also check your FanFood app, which will display “Your order is ready.”

How long do I need to wait before my order is ready?

The ETA varies based on the number of orders already placed and how long it takes to prepare each order for that particular concession stand.

Orders placed through FanFood typically take 3-10 minutes to be ready, although the number of concession operators and the crowd size can affect the wait time. If the wait time shown on the app is really long, that may be a sign that the concession staff is overwhelmed by the number of orders and you should probably wait a little before placing yours.

What if I can’t find my stadium?

If you can’t find your stadium, it might mean that we’re not there just yet. I know, we’re sad too.

If you really want to see FanFood at a certain venue, please visit our "For Fans" page and submit the venue name in the input box! Better yet, if we end up partnering, let us know your email so you can be the first one to receive a promo code.

How can I get a refund?

You can get a refund either through the concession stand you ordered from or through us, the FanFood team.

  1. Please first let your concession stand know that you need a refund by chatting with them on the app
  2. If the stand fails to respond, please contact us. We will take care of it for you.
How do I cancel an order?

We get it, cravings come and go.

Orders can be cancelled in the FanFood app up until the notification “your order is ready” is shown on the progress bar. If your order is ready, you will need to see a concession manager to have your order refunded. You can reach out to your concession manager via the in-app live chat function.

What should I do if my order is taking too long?

The last thing we want is for you to be left hangry. You can check in with your concession stand through the in-app chat feature.

If the concessions staff fails to respond, contact us and tell us about your experience so that we can make it right.

Can I request in-seat delivery?

Ah, the beauty of convenience. In-seat delivery is offered at some of our venues, so you might be in luck! If delivery is available at your venue, you will see an option to select delivery on our app. Just fill in your section, row, and seat number, and we’ll be on our way to you soon!

Where do I pick up my food?

Look for FanFood directional posters and A-frames that will lead you to the express pickup window. Worst case scenario, ask a concession attendant! They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.