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FanFood's Smart Concession Platform is everything you need to drive more orders, streamline concession operations, reach new customers and expand online ordering capabilities.

By leveraging FanFood's Smart Concession Platform, you'll be able to...

  • Gain access to concession intelligence
  • Manage and control inventory in real time
  • Allow your fans to become the point-of-sale
  • Confidently watch your bottom line rise
  • Communicate with your fans every step of the way

...all in one place

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Reach new customers 

In an era where on-demand convenience is an expectation, 45% of diehard sports fans opt out of purchasing concessions because wait times are too long. 

Cultivate better experiences

88% of customers rate 'speed of delivery' as more important than the brand. Our end-to-end solution focuses on solving the most annoying problem fans face; waiting in lines. 


Real-time concession data analytics

FanFood takes away the guesswork. We provide our partners with actionable insights about their fans during live events. 


Logistical artificial intelligence

Machine learning and AI technology will allow FanFood to leverage predictive analytics to better control inventory prep while managing the queue to ensure the fastest delivery possible. 

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Ivan Wagner

General Manager at Austin360 Ryan Sanders Sports Services

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"FanFood was an immediate value to our venue operations and to our guest experience. It's application provided a much needed outlet for convenient and expedited service."

Brad Six

General Manager at Principal Park Centerplate 


"FanFood came in half way through our season in 2017 and without impeding on our existing operations provided in-seat delivery and express line pick-up ordering options for our guests. Fans love it."

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